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Automatic startup of TrueKey with browser?

Is there any way to get TrueKey to start up automatically when I start my browser? I have a vague recollection of seeing an option like this when I installed TrueKey but can't find it anywhere in settings. Is there such a setting and, if so, how do I modify it?

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McAfee Employee marcd
McAfee Employee
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Re: Automatic startup of TrueKey with browser?

Hi Philippe,

If you are referring to the fact that TK starts without you needing to log in that is a feature controlled by the auto sign out, you should be able to close a web tab but still be logged in to True Key as long as the auto sign out time is long enough.

Also the true key icon in the upper right side of your web browser tab should indicate if the True Key app is online (blue icon) or offline (red and black).


Marc D.

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Re: Automatic startup of TrueKey with browser?

Thanks Marc

No, not quite the behaviour I'm looking for. At present, when I start my browser, I have to also separately start TrueKey. I'd like True Key to start automatically when I start the browser.

I don't really want TrueKey to start up automatically with Windows. I often don't need to use it in a Windows session and clutters my taskbar and desktop.

So at present, I usually don;t remember to manually start TrueKey until after I've started my browser. I also have to start TrueKey using the taskbar, instead of the browser extension. If I use the browser extension then TrueKey will close when I close the browser, meaning I then have to start it again next time I start the browser and want to log in to a page.