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Anti-Spam stopped working

My Anit-spam just stopped working a couple days ago. I didn't change any setting in either Total Protection or Outlook. Emails just aren't being moved to the Anti-Spam folder any longer.

Any suggesions?

Outlook for Office 365 (Ver 16.0)
McAfee Total Protection Ver 16
Anti-Spam ver 18.8 - WIndows 10

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Re: Anti-Spam stopped working

Hi @SandyPhipps 

Please check whether you are able to find McAfee toolbar enabled in outlook. If not please go to File>Options>Add-ins>Manage and select disabled items under drop down.

Click on go and select add in MSKoladdin and select enable.

Click on COM add-ins under manage and select McAfee add-in and click on go. 


Ganesh Raju R


Re: Anti-Spam stopped working

Thanks, but the Add-in is enabled and email is still not being filtered.

One email was filtered yesterday, but I have "Spam Protection Levels" set to "Restricted" in McAfee and none of the ones not being filtered are coming from anyone in my Friends List or re very large.

Re: Anti-Spam stopped working


Please run McAfee Virtual Technician and reboot the computer. Check whether it works. If you still have the issues, Reinstall McAfee and check the status.



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