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Re: remove metropolitain police ukash virus

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Although, this question has been answered, the accepted solution may not work since there's a new variant of this ransomware which replaces explorer.exe file. To remove the virus, you need to over-write explorer.exe. If you got infected with a new variant of this virus, follow removal guide exactly as written:


Re: remove metropolitain police ukash virus

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Today, we found the easiest way how to remove this virus from computer. I have Windows 7.

Any anti-virus programme could not find or detect this virus in my computer (tryed Avast, Windows Defender, Malware Bytes Anti-Malware, Microsoft Essentials).

The trouble was that my original anti-virus software expired and after virus download, the new installed antivirus softwares could not work

The way how to do it:

a) safe mode (with net, or without)

b) START icon left corner

c) the bar to find programes or folders/ go to COMPUTER and use the ,,find bar" there

d) writte *.exe, click find in all folders, time or date limitation when you download the virus (I mean the exact day of download)

e) See file/s (NUMBERS).exe

8. Delete

9. Celebrate by doing the dougie

10.than completely scan your computer by some anti-virus and delete all viruses