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Trojan on my Doogee 100y pro

Hi all,
I have a Trojan in a system file called 'Factory Test' I have tried soft reset and hard reset, but my BT virus Protect tells me it is still there. I am on PAYG with giff gaff and I was reimburse by giff gaff once for £16 65 but it has cleaned me out again! I have the data switch off and do not use it.The trojan is called Artemis c34d750be335. It will not let me disable the app. My Doogee valencia 2 100y pro on android 5.1 security patch 01-01-2015 The BT virus protect mentions package name as com mediatek factroy mode. Kernel version: 3.4.5 Build number: Ro8-20160223

I hope I have given you enough information to help me.

Thanks in advance,


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