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New McAfee Labs Top Threat Advisory - ZeroAccess

ZeroAccess is a family of Rootkits, capable of infecting the Windows Operating System. On infection, it replaces Windows System Files and installs Kernel Hooks in an attempt to remain stealthy. Once the hooks are installed, the target operating system falls under control of the rootkit, which is then able to hide processes, files, networks connections, as well as to kill any security tools trying to access its files or processes. Read more about ZeroAccess here.

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Re: New McAfee Labs Top Threat Advisory - ZeroAccess


Looks like really dangerous.

Is MTP , with its latests updates, or Stinger tool, able to detect and prevent and/or fix the effects of this rootkit?

Thanks for the info Sam!

Re: New McAfee Labs Top Threat Advisory - ZeroAccess


More info can be found in our threat centre page here. This can be a real pig to clean up as it will disable anit-virus software amongst other things. We've created a tool to help remediate, details of which are on the link.

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