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Money Pak Ransomware - Why doesn't McAfee work?

The main reason I got McAfee is because of the Green Dot Moneypak ransomware.

I've had this nasty junk twice, the second time being much more difficult than the first (as it started in safe mode).

Why can't McAfee block the installation of this program??  Are they not trying?  It's been out a very long time

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Re: Money Pak Ransomware - Why doesn't McAfee work?

Tried stinger?  Also

Re why Mcafee does not stop installation

No single security product is able to protect you from every threat that comes down the pike all of the time. It's a fact that we have to live with. Keeping the OS and the security software current help as does keeping the chair/keyboard interface fully engaged. Staying away from questionable sites may also improve security.

That was given to a Norton user who complained the comment applies to Mcafee as well. These malware types change form regularly.


"Then how come your antivirus programs failed to stop this virus from infecting your computer? As obvious as it is, this scam is trying to deceive as much money as possible. If it gets removed by antivirus software, hackers will not be able collect illegal benefits. Besides, virus designers know well about how computer and antivirus tool work so they can enable this FBI Moneypak virus to escape from regular antivirus programs and sneak into your computer without permission."


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