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Latest Zeus V4/ High roller malware

Anyone got any more information on the latest Zeus v4/ High roller edition?

As of  yesterday we have noticed elevated activity poinitng to a number of Ip addresses which are being blocked as we find them.

Question I have is anyone seeing this attack as I cant seem to find any news on it.

Obviously the next question is when can we expect a DAT to find it.


Dean Mitchener

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Re: Latest Zeus V4/ High roller malware

I'll let the McAfee Labs people answer you but I would imagine that as this is a game of catch-up with new variants of these things appearing constantly there will always be things that escape antiviruses of any brand.

They rely on submissions a lot to cover unknowns and there are various tools for that and to help rid your machine of pests in the last link in my signature.  GetSusp and Stinger for instance.

There is a white paper on this infection published by McAfee here:  

You'll need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to read it.

Hopefully they will add to this thread soon.


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