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Issue with Chrome Installation

In an environment that uses McAfee ePO. The most recent Chrome update is not wanting to play nice. They use SCCM to push out the package and it throws a side-by-side configuration error. Then they have to manually disable McAfee to get it to install. In a large environment, this is not a viable solution. We can't be the only people having this issue. Support is saying this isn't related to McAfee products because there is nothing in any of the logs anywhere about it. Any help is appreciated. Everything is pointing back to Visual C++ library conflicts, but I don't even know where to begin with that.

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McAfee Employee dvarnell
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Re: Issue with Chrome Installation

Hi Henrryparth,


Do you have a Service Request number for this issue? What McAfee products are installed on the machines having issues? Will Chrome install without being deployed by SCCM? Where is the error seen -- on the server or on the client machines?



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