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Disabled McAfee software

I'm new her. I recently downloaded a virus called Active Ultimate Protection. It has disabled my McAfeeand Malware software. Can I uninstall McAfee and then reinstall it to solve the proble.

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Re: Disabled McAfee software

Hi there,

Downloaded a Virus . .. Probably you are referring that you are infected. If the infection was voluntarily let into the system , a reinstall fixing the situation. Please follow the steps here that should help you get rid of the virus .

How to run Stinger on a Windows computer

  1. Launch your web browser and go to the McAfee Labs Stinger page at
  2. Click Download this tool now.
  3. Click Download Now and save Stinger to your desktop.
  4. Disable the Windows System Restore feature.

    IMPORTANT: McAfee Labs recommends that you disable System Restore before you run Stinger  because  many threats save copies of themselves to your restore points. Disabling System Restore will delete your existing restore points, so you will be unable to use Windows System Restore until you re-enable it and create new restore points. For instructions on how to disable system restore, go to
  5. Double-click the Stinger application you saved to your desktop.

    NOTE: If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, right-click the file, and select Run As Administrator.
  6. If you see a security warning, click Continue or Run.
  7. Click Add or Browse to add additional drives/directories (only the C: drive is scanned by default).
  8. Click Scan Now. Stinger repairs all infected files found
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Re: Disabled McAfee software

Moved this to Top Threats.