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Another virus attack on my laptop......

i was recently on line and McAfee popped up saying "a Trojan has been removed" and then AV Security 2012, fake security malware popped up and won't go away.  I cannot use system restore nor will this malware allow me to use system repair.  I have done some reading online today, and this does not seem to be a new malware, so how is it that this got past McAfee?  I called support to see how to remove, but could only be helped if I were willing to shell out $90, again, second time since installing the McAfee security on my laptop.  This does not seem fair......this is not a new malware, and from the age of the posts I am seeing, I would think this is something McAfee would be aware of and working to prevent., so I'm not sure why I would have to pay, again, for something that is "old" and not a "new" security threat.

   And let me just say, in these days and times, who the heck has the money to pay when you already paid to purchase the security product to begin with?

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Re: Another virus attack on my laptop......

Discussion moved to Top Threats.

There is another post about AV Security 2012 already in Top Threats (here) where techrumy says that this rogue program comes with a bonus rootkit infection (which is not good). There are links in that post to removal guides but there is also a removal guide at BleepingComputer (here), and McAfee's Fake AV Stinger can be downloaded from here - it's updated daily, so it should deal with this Fake AV problem. Fake AV's can usually be easily cleaned; a rootkit is harder to get rid of. The associated rootkit, if present, may be what tech support were trying to say would cost you $90 to remove.  If you want to have a go at removing it yourself, see the tips in the other thread.