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Level 7

mcafee TIE Server information

hello sir

I want to know just how to disable ssl in mcafee tie Server

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Level 18

Re: mcafee TIE Server information

Moved from Consumer Support to Business/Threat Intelligence Exchange for attention.

(This question is not answered. If someone has clicked "Assumed Answered" by mistake there is unfortunately no way to undo that action.)

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Level 10

Re: mcafee TIE Server information

SSL is required for the product to function. Why are you wanting to disable it?

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Re: mcafee TIE Server information

SSL is main function to communicate with GTI cloud. what is your objective to disable SSL on TIE?

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Level 14

Re: mcafee TIE Server information


from my point of information TIE uses HTTPS for security reasons and you cannot disable it. But you can configure a internal proxy system to connect to GTI cloud. I have not tested what happens when intercepting SSL when connecting to GTI cloud.

As ​ explained, SSL is required, and it is also my point of information.


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