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Tie server ip change. Correct prosedure?


What is the correct prosedure to change tie server ip address? I have one tieserver and one epo.

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Re: Tie server ip change. Correct prosedure?

Here are the steps to update the IP address for the TIE Server:

  1.  Login and switch to root user
  2. At the bash prompt type: reconfig-network
  3. Hit the <n> key to select the interface and move to the next screen
  4. Hit the <M> key to set the interface to manual config. Then hit enter to move to the next line and provide the updated IP address.
  5. Once you have updated the required items, hit enter to conintue to the end of config screen and hit <Y> to proceed with the new setup.

Once complete, run /opt/McAfee/agent/bin/cmdagent -p

This will force the agent to collect the new properties and communicate back to ePO. Once you see the new IP address listed for the TIE server in the system tree, run a second wake up call so that all the TIE config files are updated with the new IP address.

The last step is to check registered TIE server entry in ePO to confirm that it is using the new IP, and if not update it and save the configuration.



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