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TIE Server VLAN Initial setup

Hello everybody,

I'm setting up a TIE/AR/ENS lab on a ESXi environment

The Hypervisor server have 2 NIC's: one for port mirrroring and the other on trunk mode.

All the VM created in the ESXi must tag the nic traffic with the VLAN 30 otherwise the network connection will not work over the Trunk NIC.

Trying to setup the TIE Server I found theres no VLAN option in the initial Wizzard.

So I've created the TIE VM on a Vmware workstation finishing the wizzard and exporting to OVA

Then I set up a new VM on the ESXi using the previously OVA created. Login with root and create the ifcfg-eth0.30 interface

The network connectivity is Ok I can wake up the agent, send policies, etc, but the TIE and Postgre services doesn´t start

Looking in the logs i found the server certificate wasn't found

Does anyone had this issue before or its just an TIE-VLAN incompatibility?


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