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TIE Server: Transitioning from operation mode Unassigned to Secondary

We are currently Migrating from 5.3.2 to 5.10.

I just noticed recently (since enableing Automatic Responses) that we are having connection issues with one of our TIE Servers..


Its stuck in 'Transitioning from operation mode Unassigned to Secondary'

Reboot didn't help..


DXL Connection
Warning [-]
Unable to reach TIE Server via DXL. 

TIE Server is transitioning between operation modes. 

TIE Server is transitioning between operation modes. It won't connect until this process is complete. Wait a few minutes, and refresh the page to see the latest status.



Perhaps some background knowledge..

Old 5.3.2 epo had 2 DXL and TIE servers (1TIE, 2TIE, 1DXL & 2DXL) setup...

New also 2 DXL and TIE servers (3TIE, 4TIE, 3DXL & 4DXL)

I have a Bridge between 2DXL and 3 DXL connecting old and new ePO.

DXL Broker Version on New ePO:

DXL Broker Version on Old ePO:

Any ideas? Iother than try updating Broker Versions...






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