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McAfee Employee

TIE Server - Summary ePO Report

This attached XML definition summarizes TIE Server information using ePO reporting capabilities.

To import it go to ePO | Menu | Queries and Report | Report | Actions | Import.

To schedule a periodic run you can use a dedicated ePO Server Task, choosing Run Report as action and Email File as sub-action.

Find a sample run over a demo environment also attached.

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Re: TIE Server - Summary ePO Report


Thanks for sharing this

always helpfull since the TIE console even with 2.1 updates is still very unflexible and has soom bugs with IE in sorting.

If i try to import the XML into EPO 5.3.2 i get an error.

"The query could not be imported because an error occurred while trying to read the uploaded content."

* If i open the XML with a XML-Editor it looks valid

* EPO 5.3.2 (BUILD 156)

* ENS 10.5.1

* TIE 2.10 (323)

Did you BUILD the query in GUI qith report only or DID you built in own query. The info you QUERY is ALL on the SQL from EPO and not the POSTGRE DB on tie right?

I think from EPO 5.X to 5.2/5.3 most TABLE names changed (appended ********MT) like EPOProductEvents to EPOProductEventsMT

Thanks for any feedback whihc may be usefull for other also. ;-)

Greetings from Switzerland

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McAfee Employee

Re: TIE Server - Summary ePO Report

Thanks for the input, I could reproduce what you are experiencing.

The report was manually created in ePO 5.1.1, and it is not importing in ePO 5.3.2 without modifications.

Please refer to   for a compatible version I have just uploaded.

Most of the included queries use TIE Server database thru the ePO registered server connection. However, there are few queries that rely on the ePO database as well.

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