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TIE ENS 10.5 W7 with APPDATA redirect Adobe Reader Cache Files *.DEU


We have hundreds of Adobe Reader Cache Files from the LOCAL Data with W7 Sp1 %APPDATA% redirected.

This seems not be a problem on client but some Citrix people don't like those. For the TIE

i also don't like the files because we have 60-100 per day new (All different MD5).

* Something strange: We have excluded the SCAN of every file with the Extension .DEU so TIE should not pick the file up.

* We are unsure if this is by MANUAL installed Adobe Reader (Outside of our regular deployment).

Anyone seen this too maybe with other regional language Extension (.DEU, .ITA?) or is it just affection GERMAN Client OS TIE customer?

Here is some info on Adobe and MSDN/Social about the Cache Files from Adobe Reader

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