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TIE 2.1.0 failed to register in ePO 5.9

We upgrade TIE from 2.0.1. After ePO upgrade ePO 5.9. TIE server failed to register under registered servers.

Several times followed below tasks but no progress

uninstalled & re-installed extensions.




our ePO is installed on Microsoft cluster. so updated reconfig-pghba but still not connecting.

When we do register with readonly user ID. command test connection.
Test failed: the sslsocketfactory class provided com.mcafee.ext.config.tiefipsSslSocketfactory could not be instantiated.

We upgrade TIE server & DXL broker embedded in TIE but not fixed. someone please help and provide solution.

TIE & DXL specs as follows

McAfee Agent 5.0.4 (MLOS)

McAfee TIE 2.1.0

McAfee DXL broker

McAfee DXL Client

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Re: TIE 2.1.0 failed to register in ePO 5.9

I have the same mistake here.
is there a solution to this

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