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Reduce unknown 'Composite Reputation' files


Does anyone have recommendations for trusting 'Composite Reputation' unknown files in bulk mainly relating to files relating to Microsoft updates .net etc... I was hoping to deploy updates to a specific PC then run a report showing all unknown files shown on that PC. This would allow me to export the list of unknown files, convert to XML then import to TIE as trusted. I have the process working using this article however McAfee Support have informed me there is currently no way to report on Unknown files specific to a machine. There are a couple of built in reports that come close 'TIE Server Top 10 Systems with New Files in Last Week' & 'TIE Server Malicious or Unidentified Files by GTI Reputation in Last Month' but, neither are sufficient. There's also no way of manually creating a report to complete the task as confirmed by McAfee Support. I would prefer to be able to complete this task using McAfee support solutions as I've seen a number of methods using third party apps which are not support by McAfee. Any help would be appreciated.



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