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MWG sending XML-BASE64 objects in TIE

Hi Community, we have connected our MWG with our TIE Server and also with an ATD for analyses of executable files, before the user can download the file. Our MWG Policy is setup that we only analyse .EXE and some other Filetypes like .PDF and .WORD, .EXCEL. Problem is that MWG is sending alot of entry's wich have no filetype into the TIE DB. Most of them are unuseful XML-BASE64-TEXT entrys. All File Names [xml-base64-text-obj-773049339] File Name xml-base64-text-obj-773049339 All File paths Not Available Company Name Product Name File Version File Type Unrecognized Latest Applied Rule SHA-1 Hash 004011EBE487CC41E03D5D8ADF8FBA9F9E317B1F MD5 Hash 674DD413E193C926679B5BCFB18497C0 SHA-256 Hash A71EDAFCE087A7E9D0D73EC870EDB3DF0590BA527903F508B76ABB7E8266E7EE Certificate SHA-1 Hash Not Available Enterprise count 0 First contact 11/25/16 10:45:02 AM Last update 11/25/16 10:45:02 AM Last access 11/25/16 10:45:02 AM File Name count 1 File Path count 0 File Size 0 Signed Bits Hash 0 Last Detection name Detection count 0 Does anybody haves a solution for this issue? Interesting is also, that enerprise count will not increase and file type is unrecognized. Thanks, Sub7

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