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Is there an API for TIE ?

What I want to do is programmatically search for IP addresses for reputation.

Today I use the web interface ( for example:  ) but I want to do the same, and read the same information via an API call. Is that possible ? is this available ?

If there is an API available, I haven't been able to find API documentation. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Is there an API for TIE ?


there are several options. First of all, yes, there is an API when using EPO. So you can query and change TIE reputations. You may do a query to see what content is delivered there.

I have not tested, but you may use the following tools to collect information.

  • : There is an script available where you can take a look how the TIE reputation is changed.
  • : Have not checked if this runs with latest EPO versions.

Finally, OpenDXL is available to connect any device to the DXL fabric.

Hope this helps,


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