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How to upgrade McAfee Agent on TIE and DXL Servers

I did an upgrade of my TIE VMs to 2.1.323 and DXL Brokers to

the Agent is still Version

I found this KB McAfee Corporate KB - How to upgrade McAfee Agent for MLOS through ePolicy Orchestrator with Threat ...

However I can not find the MLOS Agent in the Software Manager on ePO and also not in the download section of

Have I to do an Upgrade of the Agent or is the Agent included in the TIE/DXL Update.

What is the newest Agent for TIE/DXL

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Re: How to upgrade McAfee Agent on TIE and DXL Servers

You probably figured it out since this was posted a while ago, but still will provide you part of the answer.

McAfee Agent for MLOS 5.0.4 is only available at McAfee Downloads in the TIE server section. See KB85586 for instructions to deploy the agent to the TIE server appliance. Do not install the McAfee Agent for Linux because it is not compatible.

From what's being currently offered the Agent is at 5.0.6 right now. To get to it, you have to go through the download page, then on McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange 2.1, under packages you should see the McAfee Agent for MLOS.

Now let me know if you find official documentation for doing the same thing on the DXL appliances and what Agent version is officially supported on those is also not easy to obtain.

I don't get why the McAfee Agent for MLOS isn't available under the McAfee Agent download section, since it could possibly be used on DXL and TIE and probably MAR also and ATD...

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