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How to deploy TIE 1.1.0 (fresh install not upgrade)?

I'm hoping someone on this forum can assist:

I'm trying to deploy TIE 1.1.0 to a fresh ePO 5.1.1 build however the product guide (tie_110_pg_0-00_en-us.pdf) could not be less clear. The release notes only talk about upgrading and are even more contradictory as to what needs to be installed. Also the release notes (tie_110_rn_0-00_en-us.pdf) talks about the McAfee Data Exchange Layer Product Guide but no such document appears to exist.

1. I've deployed the TIE server OVF into Vsphere. It's configured and reports back to the ePO. All good so far.

2. Deploy the Data Exchange Layer client:

What??? No such thing exists in the My products > download section but I do find a Data Exchange layer section. (Why can't all the TIE software be grouped together?)

I download and check in: DXLClient_1.1.0_Build_443_Package_1_(ENU-LICENSED-RELEASE-MAIN).zip but it won't check into the master repository.

Further inspection into the zip file leads me to believe that this is an Extension not a client package. So where's the package?

Please help!

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Re: How to deploy TIE 1.1.0 (fresh install not upgrade)?


Sorry for the confusion. Let me try to explain.

Because TIE and DXL are separate products, they will not always be released at the same time.  This is the case with the 1.1 release.  TIE 1.1 released, but DXL 1.1 has not yet.

However, for the TIE 1.1 release there is a dependency on the DXL 1.1 extensions so those were made available for TIE. The DXL 1.1 Broker & Client will be made available at a later time.

This information was also specified in the TIE Known Issues KB article that is referenced in the Release Notes and also here -

I hope that helps.



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Re: How to deploy TIE 1.1.0 (fresh install not upgrade)?

Thanks Brian

You know, I read through that KB article but I must have missed that section right at the top.

I dug a bit more yesterday and I found this:

This document seems to be a bit clearer w.r.t what needs to be installed.

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Re: How to deploy TIE 1.1.0 (fresh install not upgrade)?

Hi all,

i figured out one important thing.

When upgrading TIE from version 1.0 to version 1.1 the DXL Broker is not updated to version 1.1. This results in some limitations like a non working Data Exchange Layer Fabric overview.

From my side, i would suggest reinstalling TIE server or installing a fresh Slave server to preserve the TIE database.


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