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How to Mass Import File Reputations into TIE via ePO Web API

Not a question, but just wanted to provide the modified scripts that worked for me Smiley Happy

Original post I piggybacked off of, by Troja:

For, just add your credentials and directories that contain the files you want to whitelist and/or blacklist at the top of the script. I added support for SHA-256 hashes as well.

For, add your credentials, and in the directories you want to whitelist/blacklist, add a text file named "hashes.txt" (or whatever you choose, just modify the code to reflect it) that contains the hashes you want to send into TIE, each on their own line. It supports MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashes.


Thanks to Troja for the original post/code. 

Find the scripts here:


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