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Errors after Installation of DXL5 Broker Management Extension

I got several errors in the Extensions page of ePO after successfully installing the "DXL Broker Management Extension" and before installing the "DXL Client for ePO" extension.
The errors came up in the DLP, DXL, Solidcore and TIE extensions.
I was close to rolling back ePO Server and DB because no such error was listed in the DXL5 known errors KB90991.
Luckily the errors were gone immediately after installing the following extension (order out of the installation guide) "DXL Client for ePO".
No errors were reported afterwrds.
This behaviour and dependencies should be hinted in the installation guide or placed in the known errors article.

SR 4-19462673311 was created to this topic but i was just recommended to post the idea here.

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