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ePO-MVT remediation

Hi - What types of remediation can ePO-MVT do? Could somebody provide some examples?

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Re: ePO-MVT remediation

ePO-MVT can remediate registries, COM, services, processes of the supported enterprise McAfee Products.

Example: If VSE 8.7 service is found to be not running, ePO-MVT can identify and start the required product service. Similary, if any of the product registry key value is missing or corrupted, ePO-MVT can replace with the correct registry key value,

Please also refer to the product walkthrough guide for more details. (

Does this help?

Thanks & Regards,

Laxmikant Agarwal

Re: ePO-MVT remediation

Yes, thanks. That is what I was looking for. The Walkthough Guide just makes general references as to what it does.

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