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MER 4.0 Scan Fail

Good Morning,

I followed the video tutorial to the "t".

I checked in both the MER deployment package and MER update package, installed the MER extension, configured the deployment task, successfully deployed to a client system, created the MER Scan Task, and sent the MER Scan Task to the system.  However, the scan never takes place.  Once the scan is sent, the client system receives the task, invokes the task, and then fails the task almost immediately.  The notifications 18xxx for MER are all checked as well.  The policy for MER is applied and default to scan for all detected systems.  I am having the log spit out in C:/ProgramData/McAfee so its easy to find as a test. I also reinstalled the MER on the client system just in case it was corrupt and wasn't working.  Am I missing a step? 

Mike H

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Re: MER 4.0 Scan Fail

Hello Mike H @mikehuebner,

The short answer is "yes, you miss update task after deployment task"

This is a bit detailed answer:

I just tested all scenarios for that product and at first, following basic steps like in the video(it is outdated for MER 3.0), I got same result  like you.

Since 4.0 seems improved, you need to follow below guide:

These are the steps you need to follow in order to generate TGZ output file:

1. Checkin Extension

2. Checking Package

3. Checkin Update Package

4. Verify Policy settings

5. Run a deployment task for MER package

6. Run an update task for MER

7. Run a Scan task for MER


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Best regards,


In case above information was useful or answered your question, please select "Accept as Solution" in my reply, or give a Kudo. Thanks!
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