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why is this site blocked??

I am trying to get to this url: Using IE on a google search, there is a 'green checkmark' showing this site as 'safe to use' via site adviser. However, when I try to go to the site, I recieve the message that this site is blocked by site advisor.

This is the message:

This site is blocked

The content on this site violates the acceptable usage policy.

An unacceptable security risk is posed by this site.

McAfee Content Category: Interactive Web Applications

McAfee Security Rating: Green

I have site advisor enterprise.

Please help!!

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Re: why is this site blocked??

Moved from Home to Business > SiteAdvisor Enterprise for better attention.    The home edition gives it a green light and it isn't blocked on my machine,

Someone will be along shortly to help you hopefully.

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Re: why is this site blocked??

The message about site blocking is - I think - because of the restrictions imposed by the company where this poster is working. There are several references elsewhere to sites being blocked and SAE displaying this message. Only in one place was I able to find a solution, and that was at

In addition to my duties as a Salesforce administrator I am also my company's McAfee ASAP administrator so I was able to go into the administration console for that and add as an exception to the appropriate content filtering browsing policies for my users. 

That fixed the immediate issue, but I don't have any explanation as to why it happened.  Still trying to understand that.

Mitch Fish

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