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Web Reporter works only on some pc and not others

Hi please can one of you help me.

We are running Site Advisor 3.0 and linking it to Web Reporter, the problem we are having is on some users it is recording the traffic and on the others it is not sending any information even though the client agent monitor (E po 4.5) says it has transfered logs.   The only pattern i can see between this is that the Windows 7 machines (most of them) are reporting and the Win XP Pro sp3 machines are not and maybe 2 Windows 7 machine not reporting.

They all report fine to Site Advisor and i can see the agents is working.

The AV ver 8.7 and Spyware works fine and updates fine on all machines.

I have tried to disable the firewall on the client pc to make sure it is not port related.  I can telnet into the port 9111 on the machine so i know its open.

I have really tried everything to send the logs accross to web reporter.

Please help any of you.

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Re: Web Reporter works only on some pc and not others

Hi Guys

I have found the issue, the problem was that the policy didnt have a backslash after the location.

Somehow Windows 7 machines didnt need this but XP machines did.

We put the backslash in and it workd.

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