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Siteadvisor unable to connect to siteadvisor websites

I am having some issues with Siteadvisor and getting it to connect and rate websites.  I started with Siteadvisor 3.5 and could not get anything to work.  In reading through the knowledge base there is an issue with 3.5 being behind a proxy server.   So I uninstalled 3.5 and installed 3.0 to get started until the patch for 3.5 is out.  It is working fine on my system with Windows 7 and IE9.  It is working fine on an XP system with IE7.  It is not working on another system running XP and IE8 or another system that is running XP64 with IE7.  I can't find any differences between the systems that work and don't work.  They use the same proxy server.  One works and the other doesn't.  The first XP didn't work and then suddenly it did.  I have tried many combinations on the proxy server settings to no avail.  I can tracert and nslookup the and addresses.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make this work???  If you need more info just ask.


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