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SiteAdvisor removal question.

edit: Hopefully now its in the right section


With a quick search I couldnt find an answer for this problem.

I  work in technical support and a clients got Site Advisor enterprise  plus installed on her computer and I cant get rid of it when trying to  install a different virus protection sw.

I used the usual mcafee  removal tool which removed the siteadvisor and whatnot, but the registry  keys persist and theres alot of em. No folders or any files on the  computer remain of the software but those keys are still in the way of  installing the new software. I cannot use an hour of my clients time  erasing every single key by hand so is there a specific keygroup the  installation looks for when determining if there's a previous  conflicting program on the computer? Or is there any other way of  removing all those specific keys safely with a 3rd party program?  cleaners such as ccleaner and easyclean didnt help.

Would it help  to install normal siteadvisor again on the comp and then use it's own  uninstaller or will the uninstaller find the enterprise keys in the  registry at all?

Thanks in advance!

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McAfee Employee

Re: SiteAdvisor removal question.

What removal tool did you use? SAE can only be uninstalled using the deployment task from ePO or if the SAE policy is set to show the program in add remove programs you can uninstall it from add remove programs.

If you can reinstall SAE, I would then try to use an ePO deployment task to remove it.

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