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SiteAdvisor Printing Issues

We recently have implemented strict controls within our McAfee Total Protection suite, which means filtering several web sites and downloads from the internet.

With the configuration changes we warn some downloads, while blocking others.

Here is the situation. I have tested this from two computers and both experience the same issue. We are printing to a networked HP printer, using the most recent PCL 6 drivers for this printer. One computer using IE 7 & the other using IE 8. Browser Protection Control (ver

The problem comes when you go to print the page within IE. You will get prompted with the following warning "Use Caution with this file Download: unidrvui.dll". You have to click 'continue' several times in order for the print document to go through. The printer is set as the default printer. However if you were not to make it the default printer and select it through printer properties page, works just fine.

I have tried other network printers and no such warning message comes up, while printing to those.

The 'troubled' printer was removed from the individual computers and then added again.

Would appreciate any assistance one could provide on this. Is this a network printer driver issue? Or a SiteAdvisor issue? Has anyone else experienced this?
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