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Site Advisor - Balloon Issues and blockpage lag time

Has anyone else experienced these issues ?  If so any recommendations as to how to go about correcting them ?

1. When opening Firefox 35.0.1 we only receive the McAfee SA balloon  on the first tab. It does not show up on the next or any subsequent session or tab.

2. On other installations of Firefox the balloon comes up intermittently.

3. Blocked Websites (RED) come up in Browser before the McAfee  Block URL comes up.

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you,




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McAfee Employee

Re: Site Advisor - Balloon Issues and blockpage lag time

Use SAE 3.5 patch 3 and HF1015409 to support current versions of Firefox. Firefox made changes that do not support the APIs used in SAE 3.5 patch 3 and earlier versions of SAE.

SAE does an asynchronous lookup for the URL rating from the browser downloading web content. If the web content arrives back first, web content can display before the rating is enforced.

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