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Site Advisor 3.0 ID3 Tag Issues


I recently installed the McAfee Site Advisor 3.0 into IE7 with XP Pro and, after doing so, noticed that I could no longer see my expanded deatils involving the ID3 Tags within my MP3 folders, which includes Artist, Album Name, Bit Rate and Duration.  They are all checked within the detail view, and should be visible, but the only ones I can see are Size and Type, regardless of how many times I check/uncheck them.  Previous to the Site Advisor install I had no issues, and have used Media Monkey successfully for many years.  Even the use of an AudioShell to view the tag info comes up blank.

Is there a patch or a fix available, or even a workaround to allow me to view these details again?  I work for a large corporation and am forced to install the Site Advisor, but miss my ability to vew the expanded details, especially when I have a large group of MP3's I need to sort.


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McAfee Employee

Re: Site Advisor 3.0 ID3 Tag Issues

I have not heard of this issue before. There is no patch at this time for this issue.

Could you provide exact steps to reproduce? A screen shot with SAE disabled will help me understand what is missing once SAE is installed.

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