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SideAdvisor and Win7 64bit


I`ve installed SideAdvisor 3.5 on several windows systems and noticed that it`s possible to disable SA on Windows 7 64 bit version (IE 9 and Chrome).

On WinXP, Win7 32bit and Win Server 2003 the hardening is working fine.

Has anyone a solution for this?


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Re: SideAdvisor and Win7 64bit

Using Win 7 Pro 64bit here and I'm having problems with SAE (a RTS version) not being able to lock down Google Chrome (like you're reporting). I don't have any problems with IE 8 or FF 14.0.1 and haven't thought to test IE 9 yet. My policies are configured just like yours. I'll test IE 9 and see if I can confirm your findings.

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