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SAE and DB size concerns

I've been testing SAE with patch 3 in my environment with full enterprise rollout scheduled shortly. My question and concern is how much of size hit will my ePO 4.5 server  Database take once I rollout SAE to 10,000 + managed nodes?? Viewing all the SAE quiries in ePO looks to me like every site visit and SAE details is pretty much captured in one query or another. We need to retain as much (SAE) data as possible before purging yet don't want the ePO db to spiral out of control due to SAE. Thank you in advance.

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McAfee Employee

Re: SAE and DB size concerns

You can take a look at the SAE tables in your db and see how much size it is taking in your pilot. You could then extrapolate that to your node code.

For green rated sites, the URL is not tracked. You get a total number of all green rated sites visited by the machine for a time period.

I have not had any complaits about the amount of data stored in the database.

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