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Reposition SiteAdvisor Enterprise


I was wondering if there was anyway to reposition SiteAdvisor Enterprise in FF 3.5. Right now it is appearing below the bookmarks bar and is taking up entire row all by itself taking up valuable screen real-estate.

As I recall it is possible to move it with SiteAdvisor Personal.


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Re: Reposition SiteAdvisor Enterprise

looks like SAE 3.0 currently does not have that functionality for FireFox.  You also cannot hide the extension from being displayed either.

You would need to request a future modification request to ensure this option is available in the future.

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Re: Reposition SiteAdvisor Enterprise

Thank you for the suggestion. It is true, this is very frustrating and is probably the most requested product enhancement request!

We have listened and are going to be releasing a new "compact title bar view" in the next release. This will not take ANY real-estate on the toolbar, but it will be up in the title bar docked next to the Minimize button.


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