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Questions about Site Advisor Enterprise

I noticed that even when the option to disable Site Advisor is disabled, the user can still just click on the X to the left of the toolbar and close it.  Is that the same thing as disabling Site Advisor?

Does it only monitor Internet traffic via the IE toolbar, so if the user closes the toolbar or uses some other browser such as Chrome or Firefox, you do not recieve any reports of the internet traffic and the user is not warned or blocked from malicious websites or links?

If the IE toolbar must be running for site advisor to function, is there another McAfee product that can be installed that will be able to create logs and reports of sites visited from the PC regardless of toolbar or browser used?

Is there any way to set Site Advisor to work without showing the toolbar?  The space the toolbar uses annoys some users and will prompt them to disable it..

Can alerts be set in ePO to send an email report if Site Advisor is disabled?

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