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Level 9

Purge events

Is there a way to purge only certain events in Siteadvisor while keeping some data.  I would like to purge all Green or unrated sites events after 1 month, but wanted to keep sites visited that are Red or yellow.  Or perhaps purge all events that were not blocked or warned after so many days.  The reason for it is to show Siteadvisor value overa period of time, web trends, etc.  It would be nice to keep the blocked and warned to show what months had higher number of blocks or what systems or users are the worste offenders over a long period.  The purge task only lets you purge all events past a certain number of days and doesnt allow for you to specify.  Green or unrated site events can build up greatly over a period of time forcing us to purge the data and loose this information.

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Level 8

Re: Purge events

You can choose the Server Task "Purge Threat Event Log" and then "Purge by query" and with the query do a table and filter only the events you want to purge.

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