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Content Actions filtering not applying

I have the Web Filtering for Endpoint 3.5.0 extension installed and running on the EPO server, and I've tried setting actions for certain site categories to block, but I'm not getting the sites blocked on my endpoints.

For instance, I've blocked all categories of dating websites, green through uncategorized, but yet when I go to match I'm through no problem....Do I need to install the web filtering extension on the endpoints somehow?  Just trying to figure out why this isn't working, if I add a site to the prohibit list, it gets blocked, so I know it's working. 

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Content Actions filtering not applying

The Web Filtering for Endpoints extension allows you to set category level actions for the SiteAdvisor Enterprise client software. You need SAE 3.5 installed on the end node for the category actions to take place in the browser.

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