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Blocking Sites and Words on Sites

SAE 3.5 with ePO 5.3.1.So i can not find out how to block porno sites using SAE. In the policy for SAE, i see categories but can not see how to block any site that is porno without manually entering the website (like Can someone instruct me on how to do this?

Also, we would like to block words found on any site. Say someone goes to and in the comments of any given video is a vulgar word. Is there a way to use SAE to either remove the vulgar word(s) or block the comment?

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Re: Blocking Sites and Words on Sites

Hi ,

To allow or block URL navigation based category you need to have "site advisor content filtering"  extension installed on ePO.

One extension is installed, navigate to "content action" policy. On content action policy page you can select category "Pornography" and set action for green , yellow and red rating for that category.

Please take a look at below link

How to Modify SiteAdvisor Enterprise Web Content Policy with ePO - YouTube

To answer 2nd part

     > SAE doesn't block URL based on specific content present on the page

     > SAE doesn't modify page content either



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