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A cisco VPN portal stuck in yellow caution loop

To start, I have this sort of resolved by adding the URL to an Authorized list in ePO.

Anyway, our consultants frequently need to access various customers' networks via their Cisco vpn portals. In no other instance has SiteAdvisor given us any issues until this past Friday when one of my associates was attempting to access a new customers network and SiteAdvisor threw her into an interminable loop of yellow caution warnings. My thought was just click continue through the warning and she should be good to go, but whatever happens in the meantime must cause enough delay that the far end refuses to allow access. At a certain point the caution page came up no matter what; click continue and you get another caution page, again and again...

Nothing I could find on the client machine allows the user to mitigate this (fortunately in most cases I guess) so I had to add the URL into the authorized list. This may prove problematic as our consultants our frequently out of the office and could run into this while they have limited ability to access the policy server.

So, my question I guess is has anybody experience something similar and is there a way for the user to solve the issue on their end?

urls we encounter for the cisco portals usually look something like,, or in the current instance

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