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Impossible to Buy Product from McAfee Website

I'm just trying to spend my money and get an anti-virus software.

Why can't I just buy it? Why are you making it so hard?

I have an account, I updated my info. I proceed to checkout and you just won't let me. Do you not want my money? Apparently, because I can't update my card info on my profile.

What is this hunk of crap you call an official product website? Honestly?

You're wasting my time.



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Reliable Contributor exbrit
Reliable Contributor
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Re: Impossible to Buy Product from McAfee Website

Could be your browser and/or pop-up blockers?

Best call Customer Service directly:  Contact Support

McAfee Employee kthomas
McAfee Employee
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Re: Impossible to Buy Product from McAfee Website

Hi Jordan

From my own experience, when odd things like this happen, try another browser. I have IE, Chrome and Firefox installed, to allow me to identify if the problem is related to a browser settings, as Peter stated above or an Application/Website issue.

If the issue is seen with another browser, then calling support like Peter stated above, is your next option.

Good look.

Kevin Thomas

Knowledge Analyst, Digital Customer Experience

Customer Success Group