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windows live messenger and mcafee this safe?

I heard that mcafee was running into problems with windows live messenger...either with the whole program...or the video conferencing...

I read in another post as a work around is to do this

"Right-click on the file sasets.ini and choose Open With, then select Notepad.
Locate the section titled [msnmsgr.exe].
Change Enabled=1 to Enabled=0.
Click File and select Save.
Close sasets.ini and restart your computer for changes to take effect."

I'm just wondering is this safe...and will this cause any issues to my computer...I just got my computer back from being fixed and I don’t want to be changing any files that could potentially cause my computer to start working incorrectly again.
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RE: windows live messenger and mcafee this safe?

No it should be OK.
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