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why does mcafee create more popups than i had before?

i installed mcafee on march 26, 2013 and this ruined my microsoft word and made more annoying popups than ever before.   mcafee has also slowed down my computer and not allowed me to access important websites such as paypal.  BE AWARE that mcafee can create huge numbers of problems for your computer.  the mcafee website is a maze that does not allow you to send a basic email asking for help.   and when trying to get help mcafee continued to pass the buck and no one has helped me. 

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Re: why does mcafee create more popups than i had before?

We've had a number of complaints in these forums regarding this and it would appear that the popup's seem to occur more to those people who obtain their software through a 3rd party such as their ISP, PC maker, or a wholesaler such as Winferno etc., which is beyond McAfee's control because those parties tailor the software to suit themselves.   Popups can also occur if the software is expiring soon or of you've set it to warn you that an update is available, for instance.

Personally I haven't seen a popup since about 1 year ago, so it's hard to pinpoint why you are getting them.

It could also mean that there is corruption if, for instance, this was an upgrade from an older version, in which case the old software may not have been removed properly.

The first thing we usually suggest is to uninstall everything via Control Panel.

Then run the MCPR cleanup tool.

Reboot and reinstall from the online account.

Other than that there isn't much one can do other than troubleshoot it via Technical Support, which is a free phone call or online chat away.

Technical Support is linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

Some popup's are inevitable with any software as marketing departments resort to this tool more and more to boost sales or to point out features etc.

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Re: why does mcafee create more popups than i had before?

If you specify your problem with screen shots & errors, it will be helpful for all the moderators to identify the issue.

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Re: why does mcafee create more popups than i had before?

I have a magna cum laude degree from harvard and i am pretty computer savvy.   the mcafee software that i have bought is faulty and defective and encourages popups.   this has slowed down my computer and ruined two days of work for me.  i will never use mcafee again.  i think that ex brit who responds to these emails is a full time mcafee employee trying to continue the ripoff.   if mcafee were the last anti-virus software in the world i would become a luddite.   mcafee is an embarrassment and someone should take this company to court.  i hope a class-action suit occurs because it would get people a lot of money.

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Re: why does mcafee create more popups than i had before?

Sorry but what ex_brit said is correct besides being a non paisd user like me he and I have never seen a popup is ages at least 4 years for me. I geta buy this cleaner email sometimes but never a popup. Was yyour product bought from your isp or say dell? If so they as Peter says add popups to generate income. This we mods have for ages been copmplaining about but Mcafee seems not to be able to change or not listen to thee suggestions.

Corruption can happen when one updates to a new version from an old 1 without removing the old 1. It should not happen  but it can do this sometimes. The full uninstall/reinstall could fix up a lot of your issues.

There are not many posts recently re slow ups that have not been solved . Sorry you had a bad experience it does not happen to every1. Good luck with your new product if you have changed.

PS you did not have another AV installed previously did you? Failure to correctly remove it via its own removal tool can mess things up as well.


on 05/04/13 6:52:33 EDT AM
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