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what I'm supposed to do?


I just bought McAfee VirusScan Plus for the period apr09 - apr10. After the installing process the first message that appear in the 'securitycenter 9.0' is "Are you protected? No" in an alarming red font!

There is a button to "fix" the problems I click on it and the response is "one or more problems require your response" that's very annoying! Offcourse i need to do something that's why I'm clicking on it to fix it!

Apparently there are problems in the Internet & Network and Email & IM categories. Something related with pishing.

I find very ilogic after expending some money trying to be 'protected' the first message is that I'm not protected.

Thank you.
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RE: what I'm supposed to do?


Please clarify,

How old is the computer? Did you have any issue with pop-ups or alert in the computer?
Can we have the Version of McAfee software installed in the computer (Open Security center->Click on the about button on the bottom Right hand panel of Security center ->Check the Build number for the)?
Perform the MVT in the computer and post the session ID through the link below
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