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Comcast's homepage said there is a new McAfee Seurity Center available so I called both companies . I explained the version/builds and was told there is not a new one.
I have installed the latest one from Mcafee via Comcast for free, and it is different from the versions and builds I gave to the companies who said I have the latest.
The Security Center is 9.11, the virus scan 13, and the firewall 10.
This newer one also have a different appearance.
The older one is Security Center 8, Virus scan 12, and firewall 9.
I hope other Comcast subscribers see this note so they too can update their versions if they wish to.
Thank you
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RE: versions

Yes it's just been announced and none too soon as the rest of us have had it for a year now.
At the moment it's for new installation only, so existing Comcast users would have to uninstall, use the cleanup tool (MCPR), reboot and reinstall, or wait until Comcast offers the update which will be later on.
This should get rid of all those Systemguard failures that have plagued so many people as the few we have had lately have been fixable using the "Fix" option.
The latest for us McAfee direct customers is 9.15 by the way, but that hasn't rolled out to all servers yet.
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current McAfee

I have uninstalled the older and installed the newer on both machines.
I do hope, like you, that we will be informed of the next release within a reasonable time.
It was upsetting to be told by both Companies that mine was the latest when it was not; unreasonable it a better term in business.
Thank you
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