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total protection 10 ??????

I have had this for a few computer was already acting up I had the original mcafee virus protection but since I got this one for the same price I was in.  plus I thought I had some sort of virus that was slowing my computer.....well now it is NO better.

plus McAfee keeps telling me my computer is at risk....they checked it last night took my machine over and nothing.  it said I was protected while they were on.....real time virus protection off, I activate it but hitting the button it stays on for 20 seconds then back to the risk thing.

any suggestions?  I hate to pay 90 bucks for them to fix a virus that is their %^YJ&**** fault!   anyone else having thins?  I have a Dell and XP operating system.


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Re: total protection 10 ??????

I'm having all types of problems with McAfee 2010!

And, I intermittently receive a declaration from McAfee indicating my system isn't protected! In each case, the "Real Time Scanning is Disabled". I repeated click "Turn On" only to watch it be turned off again! I have to use the [operating system's] Task Manager to disable as many services as allowed {some are essential to computer operation and many do not have unigue names} until I find the one which is impeding the McAfee load. Once the McAfee is fully loaded, I have to restart the computer in order to correctly load all system services.

I've reconfigured the start-up routine more than once; yet, something is repeatedly impeding the McAfee and creating trouble!

I'm sure this is all related to the "memory write" error I've reported. Which is no doubt related to the DOS Infection I reported.

Something is penetrating the McAfee protection, setting itself into the DOS and attacking the system during start-up, even overwhelming it ocassionally.

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Re: total protection 10 ??????


Real time scanning gets disabled due to the following reasons such as :

  • A conflict with a different security software.
  • lack of correct updates.
  • Corrupt installation
  • Malware infections

And the case is to determine the exact reason and to eradicate that so as the scanner statys stable.

And if all of these are correct , I would recomment you running a complete mcafee scan and check for any malware infections . Also make sure that the operating system has no disk errors and  windows is uptodate .

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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