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setting a program to the trusted list


I'm having some problems with security center/virus scan detecting some programs of mine as requiring quarantine. Specifically, it's the exe's for a few games from Every time one of the games is launched, it fails and then the exe ends up in quarantine even though it is safe.

I've been to the knowledge base and searched the instructions about adding those programs to the trusted list, but I can't figure out exactly how to make it work. It sounds as if there's supposed to be a button or something marked "trust" to add those programs, but I just don't see it.

How exactly can I stop McAfee from tagging these files as malicious/spam/whatever and stop them from being quarantined?

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RE: setting a program to the trusted list

If McAfee quarantines something without offering a trust option then you are going to have to submit the file(s) to Avert Laboratories for analysis and hopefully they will send you an extra.dat to cover the detection(s).

You may have to disable VirusScan first to restore the files inorder to be able to do that.

To temporarily turn off VirusScan do the following:

Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center
Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
Click Configure (left)
Click Computer & Files (top left)
You can disable VirusScan in the right-hand module and tell it for how long.

Then click the Restore button (left & assuming it was quarantined) & restore the item.

Send the file to Avert for analysis:
Email file to: [EMAIL=""]
When submitting samples via E-mail all samples must be packaged in a .ZIP file. When creating this .ZIP file, it is important to understand that the .ZIP can be no more than 3 megabytes in size and can contain no more than 30 files. Additionally, any .ZIP file created must be password-protected using the password "infected" (minus the ""). Failure to follow these guidelines will cause your submission to be rejected.

If they send a reply that says they are infected then you are going to have to reply to that email with the case ID# intact in the header and ask them to re-test.
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