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security suite disable

Need to reinstall xp service pack 2 and instructions state all security software should be disabled. Recently had probs with system restore and Comcast helped wth McAfee install. How do I disable without wrecking everything again?
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RE: security suite disable

Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center
Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
Click Configure (left)
Click Computer & Files (top left)

You can disable VirusScan in the riught-hand module and tell it for how long. For the installation of a service pack I recommend using "Never", but don't forget to re-enable it afterwards.

Click Internet & Network (top left)

You can do the same with Firewall there, although that shouldn't be necessary. If you do that, enable Windows Firewall for the duration of the installation.

That's all you need to disable.
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