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"Your Computer is Not Fully Protected" message

I'm having this issue as well(Virus scan / real time shuts off) , looking at this forum section so is alot of mcafee users since 1 week ago. Re-install didn't work for me nor it seems for anyone else with this problem. Can Mcafee please confirm its a product/update bug and not the users?

Using Comcast Mcafee with Vista SP 2.
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Same Problem

I have the same problem. I think it has been going on for several days. Dell computer with Vista SP2, with the retail version of McAfee. It happens at least daily. I tried reinstalling, no luck.

McAfee, please find a solution, to this.
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RE: Same Problem

I am also having a message asking to check protection status and saying that "part of your protection must be fixed" since last night. I tried the virtual technician but only part of the problem was fixed. I am using XP Professional Ver. 2002, Service pack 2. I assumed it is a system problem but I am uncomfortable with the icons in the task bar with a big red X on them. Help!!